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SamYeoul Rho - Dataplatform Team Senior Manager - UJU Electronics

Quick Launch; Sales Cloud; Integrations

"저희 회사는 Cloud Beats를 통해 세일즈포스 세일즈클라우드를 구축 하였습니다. 최초 대면 미팅을 시작으로 기업이 필요한 니즈, 비즈니스 목표를 꼼꼼히 파악하여 구축 프로세스를 제안해 주었습니다. Cloud Beats는 세일즈포스 이해도가 높으며 특히, 세일즈 클라우드 내 모든 기능을 업무프로세스 내 녹여내는 제안에 신뢰가 가게 되어 구축을 시작하였습니다.  
구축 진행 중 피드백을 주고 받으며 세심하게 구축 되었습니다. 문의사항에 항상 빠른 대응과 정보 공유로 프로젝트 일정에 맞춰 구축이 완료 되었습니다. 또한 리드 연결 이슈사항이 발생 하였는데 세일즈포스 개발팀과 이슈 대응이 빨랐으며 끝까지 문제를 해결해 주었습니다.
세일즈 클라우드 구축으로 영업 프로세스가 개선 되었으며,구축완료 후 영업사원들과 C-Level에게 설명회를 진행하여 세일즈포스 이해도를 높였으며, 추가적인 자료제작 배포로 세일즈포스 접근에 도움을 주어 유저들의 만족도가 높았습니다."

Intralink Logo

Jeremy Shaw - President Asia & Group Operations - Intralink Group

Sales Cloud; Data Migration; Managed Services

"Guillaume designed our Salesforce implementation from scratch to replace an existing one, and he managed to capture and implement our workflows and processes perfectly. As he designed the system and knows and understands our processes, as admin he can respond quickly to requests for tweaks and improvements with most going from thought to request to implementation in a day. Thoroughly recommended."

Pradeo Logo

Chloé Rochette - Financial Assistant - Pradeo

Sales Cloud; Service Cloud; Experience Cloud; Managed Services

"Guillaume has been invaluable in helping us adapt the Salesforce configuration to our organisation. He has a perfect command of the tool and he also acts as a real advisor, which is very valuable. We've worked together on the sales and financial aspects, which has enabled us to develop a sales process and dashboards for greater visibility. We continue to work with him on a number of projects. Many thanks for making our work easier and optimising our CRM."

Natick Service Council Logo

Kellie Mercurio - Program Manager - Natick Service Council

Nonprofit Success Pack, Experience Cloud, Managed Services, Custom Development

"Guillaume has drastically improved our day to day operations in using our NPSP for our non-profit. Our SF experience is so seamless now. Guillaume is a fantastic listener, an effective communicator and a problem solver. We can't recommend him enough!"

SigFig Logo

Matthew Moss-Hawkins - RevOps Manager - SigFig

Quick Launch; Sales Cloud; Managed Services

"Cloud Beats has been essential in helping my revenue organization improve our business processes through our usage of Salesforce. Guillaume is a knowledgeable and helpful thought partner in making sure our systems are meeting our business needs. He is quick and responsive and is a joy to work with!"

Grey Orange Logo

Swati Satpathy - Global Sales Operations - GreyOrange

Sales Cloud; CRM Analytics; Integrations; Managed Services

"Guillaume has been an indispensable help and asset to our rapidly growing and changing Sales organization at Grey Orange.

Despite being on a different time zone, he was available for critical and complex changes to SFDC configurations, flows, reports at short notice. His knowledge of SFDC is thorough and deep. Most importantly he is constantly looking to learn and improve on new features/modules on Salesforce.

Guillaume also understands business perspective of what the team is trying to achieve on SFDC. So his suggestions and implementations take into account the need for quick changes, long term maintenance and post SFDC analytics.

I am delighted to have Guillaume as our partner in our SFDC evolution. He is pleasant, clear and precise in his communication and applies an attitude of service and partnership  in his relationship with us.

I strongly recommend Guillaume to anyone looking for a committed, long term SFDC implementation partner for their organization."

Mentor Collective Logo

Paul Hallman - Manager, Account Operations - Mentor Collective

Sales Cloud; Managed Services

"Guillaume is a great asset, he is easy to work with and his knowledge of Salesforce and vast experience helps us to make our processes more efficient while also mindfully building out our Salesforce instance. Whenever questions arise he is always able to promptly address them and anticipate any potential issues and implement the additional changes to best serve us."

AddVideos Logo

Phil Jordan - Co-founder, VP Sales and Marketing - AddVideos

Quick Launch

"Guillaume is not only an expert in Salesforce, knowing every little feature of this very sophisticated CRM application: Guillaume is also able to suggest proactively better solutions than what we would have ever thought of. All his different missions were carried out on time, communications with him has always been super easy (he understands exactly our needs and comes back with deliveries that always exceed our expectations)."

Acorn Water Logo

Julie Harris - Head of Marketing & Communications - Acorn Water

Quick Launch; Sales Cloud

"Guillaume has been very helpful in getting my Salesforce CRM set up and usable for my team. He is knowledgeable and readily available to help me with any changes needed."

American Precast Concrete Logo

Navid Yasharel - CEO - American Precast Concrete

Quick Launch; Sales Cloud

"Guillaume has been very helpful in getting my Salesforce CRM set up and usable for my team. He is knowledgeable and readily available to help me with any changes needed."

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