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Cloud Beats: a Salesforce consultancy

With 7 years of experience on the platform and working on accompanying small and mid-size clients in North America, Europe, and Asia through their digital transformation with Salesforce, we have completed hundreds of missions for dozens of clients. We actively work with a portfolio of clients for which we have been fully managing their orgs for several years on a day-to-day basis.

Highly inspired, passionate, and specialists in Sales Cloud, the team has 23 certifications and we are happy to support in any of the following areas:

Admin and Specialist

  • Associate

  • AI Associate

  • Business Analyst

  • Sales Representative

  • Administrator

  • Advanced Administrator

  • Platform App Builder

  • CPQ Specialist


  • Data Cloud Consultant

  • Sales Cloud Consultant

  • Service Cloud Consultant

  • Experience Cloud Consultant

  • Nonprofit Cloud Consultant

  • Tableau CRM & Einstein Discovery Consultant

  • User Experience Designer

  • Strategy Designer


  • Platform Developer I


  • Data Architect

  • Sharing and Visibility Architect

  • Integration Architect

  • Identity and Access Management Architect

  • Development Lifecycle and Deployment Architect

  • Application Architect

  • System Architect

System Architect Badge
Application Architect Badge
Lifecycle Architect Badge
Identity Architect Badge
Integration Architect Badge
Sharing and Visibility Architect Badge
Data Architect Badge
Sales Cloud Consultant Badge
Service Cloud Consultant Badge
Experience Cloud Consultant Badge
Nonprofit Cloud Consultant Badge
Tableau CRM Consultant Badge
Strategy Designer Badge
UX Designer Badge
Platform Developer Badge
Data Cloud Consultant Badge
Admin Badge
Advanced Admin Badge
Platform App Builder Badge
CPQ Specialist Badge
CPQ Specialist Badge
Sales Rep Badge
Associate Badge
AI Associate Badge
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